I’m in a helicopter


ABC Kitchen

I arrived to New York yesterday and had a tête-à-tête dinner with my hubby who I haven’t seen in almost a week. He is here judging in the advertising award The One Show. For dinner we went to ABC Kitchen, Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s organic farm-to-table restaurant that I have been wanting to go to since it opened. The place was so nice and the food was seriously delicious AND it was vegetarian heaven. I am gonna do a post later with better photos of the food but here’s some from my iPhone. You order smaller courses to share and we had things like warm mozzarella cheese, ricotta ravioli, grilled portabello, carrot and avocado salad and mushroom pizza (LOOK AT THE PIZZA!!). I spotted the super star chef Jean-Georges himself at the restaurant. I’ve actually met him once when he did a guest appearance at a restaurant in Sweden but he did not recognize me, how rude! 🙂