Horn bugs and rabbits on the table

I love the horn bug and rabbit napkin rings in gold and white porcelain, from Reichenbach (by Gerd Sommerlade). Available here. The horn bugs are available as table decorations as well, check out. Reichenbach also has many more amazing porcelain animals, which is something that I am a little obsessed with.

Beautiful table setting at my friends Jenny and Viktor’s place. 


Morning Glory

Saturday breakfast. Toasted spelt bread, coffee, orange juice and smoothies with raspberry and apricot from café Xoko. How lovely are saturday mornings?

Västerbotten cheese from the grocery store – my favorite cheese, made only at the Burträsk Dairy in Sweden.

and “Bregott med havssalt” – Butter with seasalt. 

Summer sorbet

So simple and so delicious. My friend Charlotta served this at her balcony last weekend and it was such a perfect and light summer dessert. Elderberry sorbet, raspberries and Prosecco, just like that, served in cocktail glasses.

CROPSEY – hold my hand!

I love the horror/ scary genre so naturally I want to see Cropsey!!! A documentary about the NY urban legend “The Cropsey Maniac”; a crazed Judge or Doctor, disfigured in a camp prank gone wrong, who stalks the woods with an axe looking for revenge on young campers.

In Crospey, the filmmakers Joshua Zeman and Barbara Brancaccio returns to Staten Island where they grew up to delve in to the mystery of Cropsey and the children who went missing during their childhood. According to the synopsis, what they uncover is a reality that is more terrifying than any urban legend… I will see it with my horror film partner in crime Lina and get back to you when I have!