Från dag i Riga till kväll i Tallin

Från grå himmel i Riga till mys i Tallin. Jag och min kollega Susanne firade vår ankomst med en “typ” äppelkaka och rospudding som var lite parfymig men ganska trevlig och typiskt Estniskt (man vill ju ge sig hän åt kulturer). Och lerkrukor med Chardonnay på en uteservering i gamla stan. Sen sov jag som en stock på hotellet Vana Wiru. Om det hotellet säger jag i övrigt, location location location och inte så mycket mer.


2 thoughts on “Från dag i Riga till kväll i Tallin

  1. You should really write in english, I’m from Estonia and I would like to know what did you write about 🙂 love all the pictures in your blog btw 🙂

  2. Hello Ave, thank you 🙂
    I know I probably should write in english, I started out doing that but its so easy to fall back on Swedish.
    I was in Estonia on business and I’ve been a couple of times before. I wrote that we had a really nice evening there in the old town, we tried rose pudding which we were told is an estonian classic, is that true? I liked it but found it a little to perfume tasting.
    I promise I’ll reconsider the language on my blog.
    love //ebba

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