Just got back from a two days confrence in London. I try to eat healthy when I travel, I bring my own snacks (like small plastic bags of nuts and dried fruits) but this time, some of the carb-loaded conference food really got me. After a lunch of cheese tarts, and a dinner at Heathrow airport of loaded potato skins and breaded fried mushrooms, I was reminded of why I usually eat a diet of mainly vegetables, lean proteins and fruit. I felt so bloated and my throat burned. The flight home was awful. Yesterday I tried cleaning myself from the inside by only eating green food. Dark leafy green vegetables are not only one of the most concentrated source of nutrition of any food, the chlorophyll in them helps you sweep out toxins.  

I had a green wheat grass and kale smoothie for breakfast, the Green Geek salad with raw falafels from Blueberry Lifestyle for lunch and a very green salad for dinner with steamed broccoli, baby spinach, lettuce, grated zucchini and apple and some goji berries.
I feel a bit better now.. Hail to the green in the world!


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