Blueberry Breakfast

There are lots of good news right now! One, major good one is that my favorite store and “feel-good factory” Blueberry Lifestyle is opening a shop right outside my door. At Rörstrandsgatan 10, St Eriksplan. They could not have chosen a better location. I am crazy happy. And ran there for breakfast this morning with Ted before work.  I had the Blueberry sandwich: Sourdough rye bread with dried blueberries, walnuts, yellow raisins, rocket salad, pumpkin seeds, apricot marmelade and cream cheese. And the Eat your greens smoothie with spirulina, mango, pineapple, apple juice, wheat grass, spinach, orange and lemon. Yum Yum. I will go there again tomorrow!
Me and Ted are actually building a very good tradition, to have breakfast together before we go our separate ways to work. Its really nice and gives us a lot more quality time together. I’ve actually felt happier during the days also, starting my day off nice instead of just rushing to the bus. So breakfast places, watch out!


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