Shoes for you! Fluid replacement for starving children!

Sometimes you are just swallowed whole by all the hurt and dispair in the world. All the tragic images from Japan and families and children suffering around the world.
This morning I saw an image of a starving child in his mothers arms that really got to me.

Its easy to feel helpless and like we can’t really do anything substantial but we can do a little and make a change for some people in the world.. 270 sek (around 40 dollars) can actually save 465 children from dying within a couple of hours, as it is enough to provide them with life saving fluid replacement.

So, now I am auctioning off my super pretty Stella McCartney ancle boots to benefit Unicef’s work for starving children. The highest bidder gets the shoes and all the money you pay for them is donated to buy bags of fluid replacement for kids through Unicef.

The Stella McCartney ancle boots that I am auctioing off are super gorgeus and as good as new. I’ve hardly ever worn them since I got the wrong size.
(they are also eco vegan!)
Size 37,5 (european size)
(Their retail value is $725.00 – so make a great deal & support charity)

So, let’s begin, what would you give for these beauties and to save the life of starving children? To place a bid, you just write in the commentary field how much you are willing to pay for them (see in the previous comment what they are up in!) I’ll contact you through e-mail if you win!

Ps. Shipping is paid by me wherever you are in the world and does not interfere with the amount of money given to Unicef!


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