Smoothy Greenies

Green smoothies is such a great way to add more vegetables and greens in to your diet. I make a one each morning for breakfast and it has definitely boosted my energy levels.
With green smoothies you get the entire plant with its fibers, enzymes, proteins and antioxidants. Since the nutrition is deflocculated its also easier for the body to digest. To experiment with it you just mix fresh leafy greens; like kale, spinach or lettuce and one green booster like wheatgrass powder, spirulina, nettle powder or matcha with berries and fruits.
Banana is a good one to include since it minimizes a lot of other tastes. Parsley is also a hot tip!
This is one of the best green smoothies that I have come up with through experimenting in the kitchen. Contains the following!
3 bok choy (pak choi) leaf stalks, a bunch of baby spinach leaves, some watercress, 2 frozen strawberries, 1/2 frozen banana, 3 slices of fresh mango, 1 tablespoon of wheat grass powder, a bundle of fresh parsley and water to make it smooth!
Very green and very yummy!

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